The following is a sample of some of the custom web design work that I have done. All of these sites or pages were designed and coded by me from scratch. Keep in mind some of these links lead to prototypes that may not be fully optimized for all for all screen sizes.

My Little Paintings

A simple landing page to show case the paintings and other art my mom makes. Built with Tailwind CSS.


John The Leatherman

This is a small website I use to display a gallery of my leather creations. Designed and programmed by me, uses Bootstrap 4 to manage the grid layout.


My Personal Website

This is the website you are currently on! I use it to showcase my work. It works well on all screen sizes.


TechCompany Home Page

A modern cool home page for a fake tech company.


Real Estate Listings Page

A page made to display properties and homes for sale.


Timetracker Dashboard

A dashboard for a simple time tracker web app. Maybe something I will finish the back end for some day.